Industrial and Medical Low Temperature Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Carbon Dioxide Dewars

Industry and Medical Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Carbon Dioxide Dewar CylinderLiquid Dewar Cylinder Specification:Nominal Capacity:175LEffective Capacity:164LMax Filling Weight:120kgs/unitEmpty Weight:118kgs/unitNorminal Working Pressure:1.37MPaOpening Pressure of Safety Valve:1.59MPaBurst Pressure of Rupture Disk:2.62MPaGas

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Industry and Medical Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Carbon Dioxide Dewar Cylinder

Liquid Dewar Cylinder Specification:

Nominal Capacity:175L
Effective Capacity:164L
Max Filling Weight:120kgs/unit
Empty Weight:118kgs/unit
Norminal Working Pressure:1.37MPa
Opening Pressure of Safety Valve:1.59MPa
Burst Pressure of Rupture Disk:2.62MPa
Gas Cylinder Dimension:Dia505mmxL1530m
Surface Treatment:Polished
Base-support Structure:Foot Ring
Liquid Level Gauge:Float Rod

Liquid  Dewar Cylinder Introduction:

Liquid cylinders are storage vessels that are specially designed and manufactured to accommodate the super cooled materials that are utilized in a wide variety of cryogenic applications. As these materials often exist in a gaseous state under normal atmospheric pressure and at room temperature, they are commonly referred to as 'liquefied gases' when pressure and temperature conditions have lowered them from the gaseous to the liquid state. Cryogenics itself is the study of the nature and uses of materials that have been cooled to temperatures far below those encountered in nature or in normal working conditions. Though it is a continuously expanding field of applied science, applications for such super cooled or cryogenic materials have already been developed in the aerospace, medical, manufacturing, and computing fields. It is precisely because the uses, and demand, for cryogenic materials have increased dramatically in recent history that SEFIC offers several cryogenic cylinders that can accommodate commonly utilized super cooled liquids and gases like liquid oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide.

Liquid Dewar Cylinder Features:

Use imported high quality valves and instruments, so as to ensure excellent performance.
Use gas saving device and give priority to the use of overpressure gas in gas phase space.
Double safety valve provides a reliable guarantee for safe operation.
By using combined automatic pressure control system, the product can be conveniently operated

Company information:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A. What is the capacity of this Gas cylinder?

B. What is the Gas Cylinder delivery time?
     Answer:Within 60 Days once deposit paid and workshop drawings confirmed.

C. Do you have any protection for the head of the Gas cylinder?
     Answer:Yes, each cylinder is equiped with a tulip cap which can make sure the safety of the product during the transportation.


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